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JukeBox XI
JukeBox XI.png
JukeBox XI Hub level badge
Developer robbit10
Initial Release JukeBox XI v1.0
May 15, 2011
Latest Update Version 1.2
Level (LBP2) Jukebox XI (v1.2) - An advanced, cartridge-based media player
Creator: robbit10

The JukeBox XI is a music player created by robbit10 within LittleBigPlanet 2. It was inspired by other creations such as Sascha_Winter's mePod.

Development of v1.2 between robbit10 and Billy Anderson went on to inspire development for the GameExpo Classic by Anderson and therefore is considered a noteworthy factor behind the success of T-Games.

Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Change Log
v1.0 May 15, 2011
  • Original Console
v1.1 Unknown
  • Added a volume slider
  • Added a Remote Control Panel that spawns behind the Jukebox XI
v1.2 Unknown
  • Added 'Shuffle' button
  • Cleaned up the main logic
  • Added a toggle button to turn AutoSnap on/off
  • Improved remote control functionality