Isolated Darkness was a planned first person shooter video game by Trixel Creative, lead by Halston Stephenson.


Development on Isolated Darkness began in early 2014, with the first mention of the title being by the Trixel Creative twitter account on February 13 2014, stating:

You can sign up for the #IsolatedDarkess Pre-Alpha test now![1]

The title was officially announced on February 15 2014 with a post on the Trixel Creative twitter stating:

#IsolatedDarkess Take on a new kind of adventure.[2]

The last official mention of the title by Trixel Creative was made on February 20, 2014 with a twitter post containing a screenshot of the game with the caption '#tbt #IsolatedDarkness'[3].

No further promotional content or statement has been issued by Trixel Creative regarding the video game.


The game took place on a deserted tropical island after the player's plane crash landed.


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