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This page covers T-Games Legacy content and may feature outdated or archived content that is otherwise unrelated to Trixel Creative.

Logo introduced in late 2013
Developer GameEx
License Proprietary
Initial Release NeXT Menu
August 21, 2013
Latest Stable Release Ice OS
November 12, 2013

IceOS is an operating system for LittleBigPlanet console systems developed by T-Games Legacy studio GameEx. IceOS is featured in The NeXT Generation consoles. GameEx considered adding it to the GameExpo III, but plans were eventually scrapped.

When IceOS was first publicly released on the NeXT on the 21st of August 2013 it was not named and was originally intended to be a platform-exclusive operating system. However; on the 12th of November, GameEx made it available as an open-source platform, available to all T-Games consoles, much like Android, and to have its own name (IceOS). On the 24th of February 2014, GameEx removed open-source availability, restoring the exclusivity to the team.

A common misconception is that the menu UI of consoles operating IceOS is also a part of IceOS itself. This is incorrect as IceOS is the logic operating the menu and not the design of the menu itself.

NeXT and NeXT S application

On the T-Games NeXT, IceOS is contained within the M-Chip, which is one of the 3 core microchips the NeXT uses to operate. IceOS is also available for the NeXT S in the form of an install disc. To 'install' IceOS onto the NeXT S, the user simply places the IceOS install disk down and it automatically attatches itself onto the NeXT S. When the install disc is connected to the console, the disc overrides and deactivates the system, and then manages all of the console processes itself. When the install disk is removed, IceOS 'uninstalls' itself from the device and the devices native processes are activated again.