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The Homepage Poll is the Poll that used to be updated weekly on the Homepage of the T-Games Wiki, however it is now updated monthly. The Poll was originally set up on the 10th of August, 2013.

These are the results:

2013 Poll Results

10th August

What is your favourite Gaming Platform out of the following?

Choice Votes
PlayStation 3 1
Xbox 360 0
Wii U 0
PlayStation Vita 0
Nintendo 3DS 0
PC 2
iOS Device 0
Oculus Rift 0
Ouya 0
Other 0

21st August

Now that Minecraft has been officially announced for the PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita, will you be getting them?

Choice Votes


I dislike Minecraft. 0
I already have other versions and I feel like I don't need anymore. 0
I can't afford it. 0
I just don't feel like getting it for the PlayStation. 0


PS3 1
PS4 0
PS Vita 0
PS Vita
PS Vita
PS Vita

31st August

Now that T-Games has updated to the new 'Solar' design, do you prefer the original design, or Solar?

Choice Votes
I prefer the new, modern, Solar design. 2
I preferred the old design. 0
I don't have a preference, both are fine. 1
I dislike both of the designs. 0

5th September

The T-Games Adventure Series "Tremors" on LittleBigPlanet 2 is nearly here. Will you be playing it?

Choice Votes
Yes. 2
No. 0
Maybe. 1
I've never heard of it. 0

17th September

GTA V has just been released. Will you be getting it?

Choice Votes
Yes. 1
No. 2
I already have it. 1
I've already ordered it. 0
Possibly in the future. 2

25th September

How did you find out about T-Games?

Choice Votes
What's T-Games? 0
A friend told me about it. 2
I was with a friend on LittleBigPlanet, and I met one of the members. 0
I was with a friend on LittleBigPlanet, and we played one of their levels. 0
I was just browsing through LittleBigPlanet, and came across a T-Games Level/Member. 1
I was on a Minecraft Server and found one of their creations. 0
I pressed 'Random Wiki' at the bottom of another Wikia wiki and it took me here. 0
I saw a tweet by T-Games on Twitter and wanted to check them out. 0
I watched a T-Games video on YouTube and wanted to check them out. 0

12th October

When did you find out about T-Games?

Choice Votes
Early 2011 (When it was created) 0
Mid 2011 (~When the GameExpo Launched 0
Late 2011 (~When the GameExpo II Launched, stores 1
Early 2012 (~Quadratum Launched) 0
Mid 2012 ( Jungle Village, GameExpo Discontinues, Angel Craft T-Games Plaza constructed, NeXT Launched 0
Late 2012 (~NeXT Ubique & NeXT Shadow Launched, GameExpo Re-Continued, U-Music Launched, Fun Machine launched) 0
Early 2013 (~Medius Launched, Fun Machine Liscensed, T-Games Enterprise Constructed, T-Games Wiki Launched) 0
Mid 2013 (~GameExpo III Launched, Evergreen Park Released) 0
Late 2013 (~Tremors Released) 0

20th October

When the NeXT hits v2.0, what do you think the console should be called?

Choice Votes
Keep the name 'NeXT', and call the update 'NeXT v2.0' as normal 0
Keep the name 'NeXT', and call the update 'NeXT II' 2
Change the name to 'NeXT II', and call the update 'NeXT II v1.0' 0
Change the name to 'NeXT II', but continue from the NeXT Development (call the update 'NeXT II v2.0') 0

7th November

Out of the following, which is your favourite type of fruit?

Choice Votes
Apples 1
Pears 0
Bananas 0
Peaches 0
Plums 0
Oranges (Tangerines, Clementines) 0
Lemons 0
Lime 0
Blackcurrant 0
Cherry 0
Green Grapes 0
Red Grapes 0
Strawberries 1
Raspberries 0
Blueberries 0
Blackberries 0
Passion-fruit 0
Pineapple 1
Kiwi 0
Pomegranate 0
Watermelon 0
Melon 0
Coconut (technically not a fruit) 0

17th November

Out of the following, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Choice Votes
1 Tree Per Day 0
2 Trees Per Day 0
Three or More Trees Per Day 0
2 Trees and a Table 0
70 Trees 0
0.5 Trees 0
4 Trees and a Door 0
4 Trees and two Doors 0
2 Wooden window frames and a wooden chair 0
A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could, if a woodchuck could chuck wood! 1
No wood. Woodchucks don't chuck wood/ 1


What are you wishing to get for Christmas?

Choice Votes
A PlayStation 4 (+Games) 1
A PlayStation Vita (+Games) 0
An Xbox One (+Games) 0
A Wii U (+Games) 1
A DS (Any Variation) (+Games) 0
Any Previous-Generation Console and/or Games! (PS3/360/Wii) 0
4 new laptop 0
A mixture of the above 1
Anything else! 0

2014 Poll Results


Which, out of the following, is your favourite game?

Choice Votes
LittleBigPlanet 1 0
LittleBigPlanet PSP 0
LittleBigPlanet 2 4
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita 0
LittleBigPlanet Karting 0
Minecraft (PC) 0
Minecraft (Xbox, PS3) 0
Minecraft (Pocket Edition) 0


Which, out of the following, is your favorite 'Doctor Who' Doctor?

Choice Votes
1st Doctor - William Hartnell 0
2nd Doctor - Patrick Troughton 0
3rd Doctor - Jon Pertwee 0
4th Doctor - Tom Baker 0
5th Doctor - Peter Davison 0
6th Doctor - Colin Baker 0
7th Doctor - Sylvester McCoy 0
8th Doctor - Paul McGann 0
9th Doctor - Christopher Eccleston 1
10th Doctor - David Tennant 1
11th Doctor - Matt Smith 0


Which fandom are you most devoted to?

Choice Votes
Doctor Who 2
Sherlock 0
Harry Potter 0
The Hunger Games 0
Supernatural 0
Star Trek 0
Game of Thrones 0
Breaking Bad 0
An anime 0
Homestuck 1
Other 0


Will you play the full T-Games Adventure series collection?

Choice Votes
I loved Tremors and will play all the others once they come out. 4
Only Tremors. 0
Only Scarily Sentient. 0
Only Termination. 0
I'll skip Tremors. 0
I'll skip Scarily Sentient. 0
I'll skip Termination. 0
I don't feel like playing any of them. 0
Not immediately, but I'll check them all out after a while. 0


Cats or dogs?

Choice Votes
Cats. SO Cats. 1
Dogs win it, hands down. 1
No preference. 0
I like a different animal much better than both of them. 2


Got any summer plans?

Choice Votes
Just gonna let stuff happen. 1
Hang with friends! 0
Sleep in every day! 0
Whatever I do, it'll be good. 2
Work... 0
Take in a vacation or two. 0
Camping trips! 0
Don't have any plans. 0


How will you get LittleBigPlanet 3?

Choice Votes
PS4 version, right away! 2
PS3 version, soon as it comes out 0
I'm going to wait to get it 1
Not buying 0


Which LittleBigPlanet 3 playable character do you think is the best?

Choice Votes
Good ol' Sackboy! 2
Oddsock! 0
Toggle! 0
Swoop 0


How are you enjoying LittleBigPlanet 3?

Choice Votes
5/5 - Absolutely Brilliant! 0
4/5 - Very Good! 1
3/5 - Good! 1
2/5 - It's okay 0
1/5 - I dislike it 0
One of the worst games I have ever played 0

2015 Poll Results


Which is your favourite LittleBigPlanet 3 character out of the following?

Choice Votes
Newton 3
Nana Pud 0
Marlon Random 0
Zom Zom 1
Papal Mache 0
Pinky Buflooms 0
Rock Coach 0
El Jeff 0


Which is your favourite LittleBigPlanet Creator Curator out of the following?

Choice Votes
The King 0
Zola 0
Frida the Bride 0
Uncle Jalapeno 0
Mags The Mechanic 0
Grandmaster Sensei 0
The Great Magician 0
The Collector 0
Larry Da Vinci 0
Victoria Von Bathysphere 0
Clive Handsforth 0
Avalon Centrifuge 0
Eve Silva Paragorica 0
Dr Herbert Higginbotham 1
Colonel Flounder 0
Marianna Noisette 0
Sean Brawn 0
The Unbelievable Otis 0
Mrs. Sunshine 0
Newton 1
Nana Pud 0
Marlon Random 0
Papal Mache 0
Pinky Buflooms 0


What's your favourite Material category to work with in LittleBigPlanet?

Choice Votes
Cardboard 0
Sponge 0
Wood 1
Stone 0
Metal 1


Do you find the T-Games Wiki easy to navigate?

Choice Votes
Yes 1
No 0


How did you find out about T-Games?

Choice Votes
Stumbled across the T-Games Website 0
Stumbled across the T-Games Wiki 0
Found one of their creations in LittleBigPlanet 1
Found one of their creations in Minecraft 0
A friend 0
Twitter 0
Facebook 0
Trixel 0
Moon in Motion 0


Which is your favourite LittleBigPlanet Level Pack?

Choice Votes
Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit 0
Metal Gear Solid Level Kit 0
Marvel Level Kit 0
Toy Story Level Kit 0
LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling 0
Muppets Level Kit 0
LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack 0
DC Comics Premium Level Pack 1


Which character do you consider to be the most iconic?

Choice Votes
The King 2
The Collector 1
Larry Da Vinci 1
The Negativitron 0
Newton Pud 0
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