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Glitter Clouds
Glitter Clouds 2.jpg
Studio album by Prism
Released November 15, 2015
Recorded 2015
Genre Electronic, Electronic Orchestral
Length 20:45
Label Independent
Prism chronology
Glitter Clouds
Shards (Rarities & Demos)

Glitter Clouds is the debut album by Prism, released on November 15, 2015. It was both produced and mixed by Prism in LittleBigPlanet 3.

The album was remastered in February 2018 along-side the release of Prism's 2018 EP Solar Fade EP.


The album was re-issued several times after initial release as Prism were not happy with the result of the track 'Upside-Down Wondertown', and creator BicoastalClock collaborated on the already existing track 'Glitter Clouds'.

'Sunshine Picnic' and 'Droid Machines' are the only two original tracks which did not make the cut for the final album. Sunshine Picnic was eventually released as a part of the Solar Fade EP in 2018, and Droid Machines was made available on Shards (Rarities & Demos) (2018). Sunshine Picnic did not make the main album as it was deemed too dissimilar to the other songs in the album. Droid Machines did not make the cut as it was the only song out of the entire selection the band genuinely disliked and did not want to work on further.


Glitter Clouds

One of the later tracks to be added to the album, Glitter Clouds was shown to PSN User BicoastalClock when considered finished, only to be worked on further by Prism and BicoastalClock together, eventually resulting in the middle section. The original version has been released on compilation album Shards (Rarities & Demos).

Velociporters Are Ace

Velociporters Are Ace was the first track to be completed by Prism, and was mostly done so on February 17, 2015 with minor adjustments taking place the next day.

Delta 3000X

Delta 3000X was a last-minute addition to the album, being composed mostly on June 22, 2015. The track was created to replace a track titled 'Droid Machines', which was initially released during a limited run as the b-side to the single and eventually released on the compilation album Shards (Rarities & Demos). Modifications were made the next day (June 23, 2015) as Prism utilised methods passed on to them from BicoastalClock during the modifications for the album's title track.


Hyper-Dimension is the most experimental track on the album, with a focus on the amount of layers to the structure.

Midnight Hour

Midnight Hour (originally titled 'Sour Flour Pots' at conception) was the second track to be composed by Prism, and was done so almost immediately after Velociporters Are Ace. The track's horror theme was inspired by Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Upside-Down Wondertown

Upside-Down Wondertown was almost cut from the album as Prism encountered difficulty in getting the song to a point that they were happy with.

It was eventually decided to keep and heavily edit the song for the album.

Electrified Fly Swatter

Electrified Fly Swatter was likely Prism's third ever constructed song, however the exact truth is unknown. It is definitely, however, Prism's first experimentation of global sound effects within their music.

Storm Atop An Ocean

Storm Atop An Ocean was Prism's first ever collaboration, and was done so with PSN User oO__ArianA__Oo (formerly known as robbit10, creator of JukeBox XI and who also collaborated with GameEx to create Quadratum). It sought to combine the two collaborator's styles of orchestral and electronic music.

Track Listing

No. Track Title Artist Length
1. Glitter Clouds Prism, BicoastalClock


2. Velociporters Are Ace Prism


3. Delta 3000X Prism


4. Hyper-Dimension Prism


5. Midnight Hour Prism


6. Upside-Down Wondertown Prism


7. Electrified Fly Swatter Prism


8. Storm Atop An Ocean Prism, oO__ArianA__oo