Blank\template Gemsprite
Developer GemWay
Associated console(s) Fun Machine
Super Player
First Appearance Fun Machine v1.7(?)
Latest Appearance Super Player v1.5
June 17, 2015
Creator Logan B.

A Gemsprite is a set of pixelated faces used to represent a sentient console's personality and moods, primarily featuring on GemWay consoles.


A console featuring Gemsprites will invariably consist of the following: a sad face, a happy face with the mouth lower, and a happy face with the mouth higher. Each is colorized with the left and right sides "prototyped" with separate colors, e.g. red on the left and blue on the right, forming a gradient with one color in the middle(for red and blue, that would be magenta in Direct mode[see below] and green in Indirect.)

Indirect and Direct Modes

The Gemsprite, when compiled and in use with a console, can be in one of two modes: Direct or Indirect. Direct mode will activate a more active personality, corresponding with the smaller happy face, while Indirect is the opposite. The personality traits themselves depend on the mixing of the prototype colors, with yellower or warmer colors acting stronger than blue ones.


Originating with the Fun Machine, its Gemsprite was frequently referred to as "Sentience" due to its connection with the feature. It remained that way until late 2014 to 2015, when the concept of a Gemsprite as a specific independent feature was invented.

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