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GemWay - LBP
The logo as it appears in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Founded Early 2014
Founder Logan B.
Industry Video Games
Type Developer Studio
Status Active
Console Products Fun Machine (2012)
Twin Ignis (2012)
GameExpo Go (2012)
QuadExpo (2012)
Doubly Ignited GameExpo II (2012)
NeXBOX (2012)
Super Player (2015)
Website N/A

GemWay is a developer studio that produces content for T-Games via the LittleBigPlanet franchise. This content includes: consoles, games, and accessories.


Logan B., a member of T-Games, had previously worked under the name SP_Sour, but a decision was eventually made by the Team Desk to develop officially licensed products via Studios. Logan was initially not fond of the idea, and an original consideration for the name of his Studio was 'GameWHY'. This was ruled out by the Team Desk as it was thought to be mocking GameEx.

Anagrams were suggested (WhemGay, WhagMey, Hagmewy, Ymeghaw, MegaHwy, GewyHam, GemWhay) along with mixtures of those, like GemHam, which was dicussed for a while. Finally, GemWay was produced by taking an 'H' out of 'GemWhay' - one of the anagrams. All officially licensed T-Games products were then transferred to the GemWay name.

Fun Machine


The Fun Machine logo as it appears in LittleBigPlanet 2.

The Fun Machine was created initially by the founder of GemWay (Logan B.) under the alias 'SP_Sour', but in versions 2.4 and after, it was marketed as a GemWay product. GemWay is now the only distributor of the console.

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Super Player


The Super Player v1.0, in LittleBigPlanet 3.

The Super Player, GemWay's second original console line, was T-Games' first multimedia console in LittleBigPlanet 3.

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Other Consoles

The QuadExpo and DIG-II, having been discontinued and not considered officially licensed T-Games products, are in all appearances noted as being created by GemWay. As with the Fun Machine, these consoles were initially credited to Logan B., but future updates will note GemWay as the manufacturer.

The GameExpo Go and QuadExpo consoles were entirely based on T-Games consoles, and so the rights of the consoles return as T-Games property by default. The Twin Ignis and DIG-II, however, were takes on a competitor's console.

The NeXBOX concept was licensed to GameEx for use in The NeXT Generation, where it evolved into the NeXT S.


Every LittleBigPlanet console runs on its own special process set called an engine. These tables show those developed by GemWay.

Fun Machine Engines
Engine Name Engine Type Marketed Product Notes
FM_02 Multi-Gateway Dual-Engine [Standard/Auto-Fixed] Fun Machine
FM_03 Standard Mini Machine Modified version of the FM_02 engine
Other Console Engines
Engine Name Engine Type Marketed Product
HVC-001+022 Standard Twin Ignis
Snowfractal Standard NeXBOX
Super Player Engines (Most unreleased)
Engine Name Engine Type Marketed Product Notes
Perfection Controllable Standard Dual-Gateway Dual-Output Super Player
Expansion Standard Sizeable Player Modified version of the Perfection engine.
Deconvolution Standard Simple Player Modified version of the Perfection engine. Unreleased.
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