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GameExpo III
Gameexpo iii itself.jpg
Developer GameEx
Product Family GameExpo
Release Date June 26, 2013
Latest Update v1.0.4
February 18, 2014
Discontinued November 9, 2015
Backwards compatibility GameExpo Classic
GameExpo II
Preceded by GameExpo II

GameExpo III is a video game console created by GameEx with the lead developer being Billy Anderson. It was released on June 26, 2013 with a development time of 4 months to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the GameExpo line.

The console has NeXT-derived features, and is backwards compatible with the original GameExpo and GameExpo II systems.


One year had passed since the last version of a GameExpo console had been made. Since the development team behind GameExpo, GameEx, had realized the GameExpo II was old, outdated, and could be very improved to support newer features, an inception took place on a new console.

On 27th February 2013, Billy Anderson uploaded a picture via his TardisBill account of the 'III' section of the GameExpo III logo, as well as an image of the GameExpo Classic in development. Anderson also made two comments on his profile; the first stating "I wonder what that weird symbol is in my uploaded pictures...", the second stating "Game...". On 28th February 2013 Anderson uploaded an image of the GameExpo II in development, and made another comment stating: "Hint: I uploaded the GameExpo I in development, and now the GameExpo II in development...". After a community member commented "GAMEEXPO 3/III IS IN THE DEVELOPMENT?", Anderson replied stating "Third time's a charm...". On 5th March 2013, Anderson uploaded three extreme close up pictures of the GameExpo III with the comment "What are those in my uploaded pictures..?".

Around this time, first and second party developers had received Software Development Kits and were creating content for the upcoming console. On 8th March 2013 a teaser was released, formally announcing that development on a new console had been taking place, and alongside the teaser came a short film, detailing the history of the GameExpo line. Anderson made another two comments on his profile on the same day. The first stating "GameExpo III. It is coming." and the second stating "A GameExpo III Announcement level has been published! Check out the level Origins of GameExpo'!".

Before the new console was announced, the idea of a GameWave III was first-handedly dropped from concepts; virtualization of GameWaves will now be an accessory for GameExpo III, which would allow GameWave cartridges to operate normally. It is not clear whether or not this accessory will be released alongside or after GameExpo III.

The design of the GameExpo III is inspired by the GameExpo II, Quadratum and NeXT (1.4+). It features a slightly bigger screen than the GameExpo II.

The GameExpo III is the first released T-Games Console to contain a cartridge blocker. The cartridge blocker makes it so that GameExpo Classic and GameExpo II Cartridges work on the GameExpo III - however GameExpo III Cartridges are not be compatible with the GameExpo Classic or the GameExpo II (Unlike the GameExpo II).


The GameExpo III itself operates on a the 2.0 version of the GameExpo II engine to support backwards compatibility. GameExpo II engines post-verson 2.0 included logic ported over from the Quadratum. The GameExpo III's added bulks of logic from the NeXT and NeXT Ubique that were then converted to GameExpo's logic structure to support new generation features.

Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Development Name Change Log Archived
v1.0 26th June 2013 Project: Three
  • Original Release Console
v1.0.1 July 2013 v1.0 Fix
  • Attatched the loose left border from the screen (Front layer)
  • Removed the Default Music from the Cartridge.
v1.0.2 21st August 2013 v1.0.1 Fix
  • Fixed 'Reset Game'
  • Added new T-Games Logos to Console
v1.0.3 12th February 2014 Cameras
  • Added Game Camera to console
  • Centred 'Full Screen'
  • Modified some previous entries of the Update Log
v1.0.4 18th February 2014 Classic GameExpo Token
  • Added 'Classic GameExpo Token' to Console so that people can unlock GameExpo Classic and GameExpo II goodies from the GameExpo Hub
Current Version