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GameExpo II
GameExpo II.jpg
Developer GameEx
Product Family GameExpo
Release Date November 9, 2011
Latest Update v2.1.1
Discontinued November 9, 2015
Backwards Compatibility GameExpo Classic
Preceded by GameExpo Classic
Succeeded by GameExpo III

The GameExpo II is a video game console and the second generation of GameExpo consoles in the official T-Games product lineup. It was developed by GameEx with the lead developer being Billy Anderson. It was released on November 9, 2011, with a development time of two months, starting in September 2011.

The console was officially discontinued on its fourth anniversary, the 9th of November 2015.


During a development session on the original GameExpo whereby Anderson was experimenting with the GameExchange feature, a concept for a sequel had been created by then-T-Games member ZeusInTraining. Anderson approved of the new design, and accepted the proposal.

When under development, other new features to the console would include an update in the design and new boot and shutdown sound sequences.

The GameExpo II was first teased on the 25th of October 2011 as Anderson made a comment on his TardisBill profile stating "GameExpo II...".

Originally the console was intended to be released on the 1st of December 2011, put on the 8th of November it was agreed that the console was in a state ready to be released, and so a spontaneous decision was made to release the console on the 9th of November 2011.


GameExchange was the major new addition for the line, and allows 2 GameExpo II consoles to connect to one another and play games together. This feature was inspired by the Nintendo DS Download Play.

In version 1.3 of the console, a Trophy feature was, allowing players to add 'Trophies' to their games.

Version v1.5.1 of the GameExpo II replaced all outgoing wires from the sidebar of the GameExpo II with tags and tag sensors. In v1.8 of the console, the feature was further extended as to allow the sidebar to be removed and replaced - intended to be accomplished via a Cartridge. The feature itself was an experiment by GameEx to see whether update via Cartridge would be more efficient or easier to understand. The idea was eventually dropped, however the logic for the concept still remains. The feature was never revealed to the public at the time.

Update Log

Version Number Official Release Date Development Name Change Log Archived
v1.0 9th November 2011 GameExpo II
  • First version of the Console Released
v1.1 11th November 2011 DLC Removal
  • Removed LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack DLC from console
v1.2 16th November 2011 Multiplayer Fix
  • Fixed error in 'GameExchange' that prevented consoles from sharing screens
v1.3 November 2011 Unknown
  • Emitted content is destroyed and music stops when a Cartridge is removed
v1.4 2nd December 2011 Trophies
  • Added 'Trophies'
v1.5 17th December 2011 Unknown
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Added 'Reset Game' feature
GIIC FIXED-PCDLC 1.5 December 2011 Unknown
  • Changed glass material for GameExpo II Clear and GameWave II Clear Consoles
  • Removed Pirates of the Caribbean DLC from GameExpo II Clear and GameWave II Clear Consoles
GWII FIXED-J2PG 1.5 Unknown Unknown
  • Fixed a GameExchange issue in GameWave II Clear
v1.5.1 Unknown Unknown
  • Added ability for the side-bar to be removed and replaced by a different sidebar
v1.6 Unknown Unknown
  • Added 'Reset Game' Wireless-Override compatibility
v1.7 13th January 2012 Unknown
  • Fixed an issue in GameExchange
  • Fixed a screen border light issue
  • Fixed 'Coffee Wood' and 'Piano Black' themes not destroying an active game if the Cartridge is removed
v1.8 15th January 2012 Unknown
  • Fixed an issue concerning music not stopping once a cartridge is removed
  • Added ability to update the GameExpo II via a cartridge using logic added in v1.5.1
v1.8.1 January 2012 Unknown
  • Fixed 'Remove Sidebar' Tag Sensor range
v1.9 27th January 2012 Unknown
  • Added auto-mute when a JukeBox XI is detected
v2.0 Unknown Unknown
  • Added new Intro/Outro sequences
  • Added new console sounds
  • Changed theme of 'Original'
  • GameWave II Consoles now say 'GameWave II' Instead of saying 'GameExpo II' (1.9 issue)
  • Cartridge now instantly travels to the cartridge slot, instead of slowly gliding
  • Re-named 'Piano Black' theme to 'Space Tech'
v2.1 21st August 2012 Unknown
  • Re-organised and cleaned out the main motherboard
v2.1.1 2012 v2.1 Fix
  • Fixed Start-up sequence stating 'Quadratum' (v2.1 issue)
  • Fixed Shut-down not working (v2.1 issue)

Unfortunately, the update log for the GameExpo II was never properly recorded or archived. This means many of the GameExpo II Update Logs have been lost.

GameWave II

The GameWave II was nearly equal in design to the GameExpo II, with the differences being the boot and shutdown subtitle data, and PlayStation Move support. It was released alongside the GameExpo II on November 9, 2011.

'Clear' Consoles

GameExpo II Clear
GameWave II Clear
Developer GameEx
Release Date December 17, 2011
Discontinued 26th June 2012

The GameExpo II Clear and GameWave II Clear consoles were originally intended to be special edition versions of the GameExpo II and GameWave II consoles as a gift to community members. However, when the v1.5 update was released for GameExpo II, GameEx released the Clear consoles to the public.

The 'Clear' editions of the consoles were made out of glass, hence their name. They featured a remix of the GameExpo II tune, and showed 'Clear' at the end of the start-up and shut-down subtitles. The Clear consoles also had a shorter cartridge activation time, meaning they were slightly quicker at playing Cartridges after start-up.

GameExpo II Lite

GameExpo II Lite
GE2 - Lite.jpg
Developer GameEx
Release Date Unknown
Discontinued June 26, 2013

The GameExpo II Lite features the same logic structure as the GameExpo II, but is contained within the Thin layer of LittleBigPlanet. It was released alongside the GameExpo II v2.1.1 update.

Later in 2012 the GameExpo II Lite was made the exclusive GameExpo II offering, with the standard models being removed from the GameExpo II Hub. This lasted until the launch of the GameExpo III and the GameExpo Public Arvhive, a section of the GameExpo III Hub which gives away the latest GameExpo Classic and GameExpo II models.

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