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Future Team
As Future Team
Type Community
Industry Online video gaming
Founded April-May, 2014
Founder(s) Dillon M.
Defunct 2015
Fate No real progress.
As SRKT Registry
Type Standards
Industry Online video gaming
Founded July, 2013
Founder(s) Dillon M.
As SRKT Games
Type Video game development studio
Video game console manufacturing
Industry Video games
Founded August, 2013
Founder(s) Dillon M.
Products Transfield
Owner SRKT Registry

Future Team was a gateway for communities in video games through use of the internet, similar to T-Games. It was the successor to the SRKT Registry and Information Standards.

SRKT Games

SRKT Games (SRKT pronounced as 'Circuit') was a Canadian developer studio based in LittleBigPlanet 2 that created content through T-Games. During it's run, 50% of the studio belonged to T-Games, whilst the other 50% belonged to their eponymous SRKT Registry and Information Standards. The SRKT name is now being used for other purposes.

They created the Transfield line, and only released the Medius publicly.

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