Evergreen Park: Go for Green
Evergreen Park: Go for Green level badge
Developer(s) Billy Anderson
Writer(s) Billy Anderson
Series Evergreen Park
Platform LittleBigPlanet 2
Release Date April 27, 2014
Evergreen Park: Go for Green is a short film in the Evergreen Park series published April 27, 2014 in LittleBigPlanet 2.

The short film immediately follows the events of Evergreen Park (2013), and was written by Billy Anderson and developed by both Anderson and Chunky104. Evergreen Park: Go for Green marks the first instalment to the Evergreen Park series lead by Anderson.


  • Billy Anderson as BubblesMeanie


A Minion survivor from The First Great Bubble Battle rises out of the pits of Sir Bubblesworth's battle arena and equips Sir Bubblesworth's hat, which remains untouched since his defeat. The hat brings powers to the Minion comparable to Sir Bubblesworth's, and the Minion sets out to find the player (who is celebrating their victory) in an attempt to defeat them.

After discovering the player, the Minion begins to threaten them and the surrounding villagers. All villagers then begin to laugh at the comically high-pitched voice of the Minion. This embarrasses the Minion to an extent that they self-combust, resulting in a gasp, followed by more laughter, by the villagers.


Anderson proposed the short film to Chunky104 on April 26, 2017 with the intention for it to be published the following day, April 27, 2014, to celebrate the third anniversary of T-Games. Chunky104 approved of the idea, and the short film was quickly constructed to reach the deadline.

The concept of Sir Bubblesworth's Minions remaining in the pits of the boss area of the original Evergreen Park (2013) was taken from a cancelled expansion to the original series by Anderson, titled Evergreen Park: A Rumble in the Jungle. This same cancelled project would eventually evolve into Evergreen Park: Revenge of the Bubbles (2017).

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