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Cpt. Stuffy
Cpt. Stuffy and Puddles D. Duck as they appear in The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy (2021-)
First appearance The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy (2021-)
Page 2 (October 2021)
Created by Billy Anderson
Ari Muńos Marín

Cpt. Stuffy is the main protagonist in comic series The Grandiose Tales of Cpt. Stuffy, based in the same fictional universe as Restitched. Within the comic, Cpt. Stuffy is a pirate variant of Stuffy that was bought for Charlie Dior on his birthday. The actions of Cpt. Stuffy are a representation of Charlie's imagination.

Puddles D. Duck serves as the sidekick for Cpt. Stuffy, and is often alongside him during his travels.