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S.P. Sour
• 9/2/2015

Welcome to the Questions board!

Taken from this archived post.

Hello, and welcome to the forums, where you are stranded on a island desperately calling for help, or other information. We have a help section, but it's not for T-Games, it's for Wikia, more or less how to navigate any deserted island rather than just T-Games. The difference is that we may have dinosaurs. :3

If your computer (or router) explodes from doing something and you have intentions of believing it's on our side, you can annoy any of the admins until they log out or permaban you.

Check out the Fun and Games board if you'd like to see how magnets work and this section more or less for a reminder that admins can add unneeded topics to the index.

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S.P. Sour
• 9/11/2015
Oh. I didn't see that this was this recent
• 9/12/2015

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